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We’re Bay Area based company specializing in tough exterior concrete cleaning and house washing jobs. Our dedicated team has decades of combined experience in delivering professional cleaning services in Bay Area. We believe that a place which is neat and clean is all time admired and appreciated and people like to visit that place. It is always good to keep our surroundings and our atmosphere clean to remain healthy.

The biggest problem with these smaller types of Power Washers is the time it actually takes to pressure clean a large area because of the small capacity of these machines. They generally boast high pressure but do so at a very small delivery volume of water. This gives you low overall cleaning power, and the only way to increase your cleaning power is to also increase your delivery volume. This effectively will greatly shorten the time it takes to clean, hence less water will be used. Although it may seem a little complex, an in-depth understanding of this has been the main reason we have become a leader in external power washing.

We use a refined pressure cleaning system that makes it possible to pressure clean anything and everything external in a minimum amount of time and with little fuss. From multi store buildings down to domestic concrete pathways and house washing, we can offer a perfect cleaning solutions for anything external.

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